About Us

Launching themselves into the ultimate battle between IRL and URL, video artists Xanthe Dobbie and Tiyan Baker reach behind Australian webcams to capture six of the nation’s biggest YouTube stars in intimate moving portraits. From the violet-hued world of Melbourne musician Damielou Shavelle to the culinary creations of CakesByChoppA and Shyamali Sinha (Foodie’s Hut), Dobbie and Baker pit their contrasting artistic styles against each other in a series of video portraits, exhibited along an everyday shopping strip.

Channeling the cultural impact and banal spectacle of YouTube, the diptych portraits reflect the binary undercurrent of One Million Views: the duality of on and offline existence in contemporary society. As Baker focuses on the private lives of the YouTubers, creating works that are subtle, human and emotive, Dobbie digitally mashes up each YouTuber’s online persona to create vivid, over-stimulating portraits that appear perpetually stuck in the internet.

One Million Views embeds the artists in the cyber-galaxy that is Australia’s YouTube community, raises a thumb to our obsession with the platform, and offers an intimate perspective into some of the biggest names you’ve never heard of – because to be a star in 2016, all you need is an internet connection.

Xanthe Dobbie is a Melbourne-based video artist. Xanthe makes work about the Internet, Art History, women, sex, pop and queer Culture.

Tiyan Baker is a video artist based in Sydney. She uses digital portraiture to explore the emotional experience of the self as embedded in greater socio-political contexts. Her work explores public and private lives, the individual and society, fantasy and fact.

• Kenny & the Sunshine Girls – 113 Errol Street
• Counter – 104 Errol Street
• Quirk & Co. – 466 Victoria Street
• Casa Verde Flowers – 40 Errol Street
• Crumbs Organic Bakehouse – 16 Errol Street
• North Melbourne Library – 66 Errol Street
• Joe Taylor – (opening night event, Thurs 5 May) 7 Errol Street
• Arts House - (Public Program, Sun 8 May) 521 Queensberry St

YouTubers: Andrew Ucles, Angry Aussie, CakesbyChoppA, Foodie’s Hut, Damielou Shavelle, Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

Check out our 'Meet the YouTubers' video here.

Project Coordinator: Melissa Edwards
Producer: Holly Childs

Friends of OMV:

Colourist: Lucy Alcorn
Media Liaison: Olivia Fay
Audio Description adviser: Nilgun Guven
Installation Technician: Andre Hillas
Graphic Designer: Rhys Kenny and Mario Lendvai
Web Developer: Simon Layfield
Audio Descriptions: Elizabeth Mitchell and Chris Powell
Sound Designer: Richard Tamplenizza

Thanks a million to Broken Yellow