EXHIBITION @ NEXT WAVE | May 5 - 22 2016


One Million Views by video artists Xanthe Dobbie (VIC) and Tiyan Baker (NSW) will be presented as part of Next Wave Festival 2016.

The project, a series of 12 digital portraits, depicts the on and offline experiences of 6 Australian YouTube Celebrities: CakesByChoppA, Foodie's Hut, Damielou, Angry Aussie, Lauren Ostrowski Fenton, and Andrew Ucles. One Million Views will launch on the 5th of May in multiple venues across Errol St. North Melbourne and continue until the 22nd of May. The show will run 24 hours a day in shopfront windows.

Australians watch a lot of YouTube. Averaging 14.2 million unique Australian visits in March of 2016 alone, YouTube’s viewership in Australia rivals that of mainstream television and film. One Million Views uses digital portraiture to examine some of Australia's biggest YouTube celebrities you've never heard of, calling into question the nature of contemporary existence and authenticity with humour, tact, and intimacy. The exhibition, running from the 5th - 22nd of May, will include a walking tour hosted by the artists and a How to Go Viral workshop and Q&A with successful YouTubers. This is a show not to be missed!

Download Next Wave's official One Million Views media release here.